Dental insurance really isn't insurance at all. It is really just a benefit. When you purchase a car, you call your auto insurance carrier and are given a quote based on the type of vehicle you have purchased. Any time you submit a claim to your car insurance, the premium is adjusted higher. If you get a speeding ticket, or are in a car accident, the amount you pay goes up. If you use your auto insurance too much, the insurance company will stop coverage all together! With dental insurance, everybody has the same type of car. When you signed up for dental insurance, did they inquire about your current dental health or past dental history? A healthy mouth pays the same as an unhealthy mouth that may require extensive treatment. Each year you are allowed to up to $1,000 (or whatever limit your policy states) every year. This amount does not roll over into the next year. If you use all of it or none of it your premium stays the same. Auto, Health, Life, and Disability insurance are necessary for catastrophic events that could lead to financial ruin. Fortunately, there aren't too many catastrophic events that can happen to your mouth. Routine hygiene visits and check-ups can usually catch problems before they become catastrophes. Dental insurance is a benefit that provides $1,000-$2,000 towards dental care. Which means that dental insurance is the only type of insurance that doesn't provide coverage for major dental events, it is better used towards routine dental care. Think of dental insurance as a dental coupon, in which you can use toward your care.