While our main purpose is to drive top line revenue growth through new customers, and more buying by loyal customers, we also understand that there are many hidden costs that can be easily gotten rid off. One of these are the credit card processing fees. Why care about this? Swipe the card, get paid. Your bank is happy to provide you with a solution that connects right to your business account.  It’s hard to know what the right move is.

Lower rates mean more profits

If you process just $2,000 a week in credit card charges and are paying 1% more in your transaction rate, that means that you’re giving away over $1,000 every year! That’s money you could use to attract new customers, do emergency repairs or keep for yourself!

We integrate with most of the leading payment processors. Our partners will help you understand what you’re currently paying. You may have been quoted a percentage rate, but are paying more than that in cases where clients buy over the phone (card not present) or you may be paying per transaction fees of 10, 20, even 30 cents for certain transactions. The devil is in the details, or in this case, the fine print. We can help you decipher your statement and determine your actual transaction rate.