We have built Beehive as a seamless service to 

  1. request payments through text messages so consumers can pay you directly through their mobile device. This service provides you with a mechanism to collect balances due more easily, provides a virtual terminal to accept credit cards in the store using your mobile device - in case your in-store payment terminal goes on the blink. Add your logo and branding to all customer communication. This service costs a small flat monthly fee as seen on our pricing sheet.

  2. start, build and grow a membership program. We are fully aligned with your goals on how we make money here.  Competitive services charge upwards of $4 per member per month (or hundreds of dollars per month) for a much more limited service. We will actually help you grow your membership by surfacing the right customers and enable them to spread the good word about your your business. For this service we charge a small per member fee as seen on our pricing sheet. There are no other set up fees or other hidden charges.

  3. engage with customers 24x7. The Beehive One Inbox is a unique messaging platform which incorporates advanced conversational AI bot technologies to understand customer queries, and help you answer them efficiently, or automatically respond to routine queries and for appointment scheduling. We charge a flat monthly fee as seen on our pricing sheet.